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Millie is a young and very clumsy witch-in-training. When she tried to make her Mistress acknowledge her worth, she turned into a Bot-Volant by accident! This is quite a tricky situation, and she has to turn back on her own before the Great Witch comes back...

The goal of the game is to create a metamorphosis potion that will turn you back into a human. It may seem quite simple, but you're gonna have to rack your brains! Fortunately, you can now open a menu to see the items collected and save your game, in case your mind goes into overdrive... 
Taking notes while playing the game would be a great idea.

And that's it! I hope you'll like playing this game. The current best time is of about 15 minutes, but I reckon 20 seems about right if you don't want your brains scrambled.
Please tell me how long it took you to complete the game - even if you feel like it took you too long! - and if you had fun! See you soon! ♥

♥ Thanks a lot to Gazolus for the translation ! ♥

(Little fact: "Bot-Volant" is a word from a dialect of the Vosges (France) that stands for "bat", and that I like a lot!)

French version here !

Install instructions

Unpack the archive with 7zip or Winrar, then launch the game's executable.

Credits can also be found in the folder, and you can now download a complete walkthrough of the game!


The curse of the bot-volant.7z 202 MB
Walkthrough for the confused witches and wizards.pdf 295 kB


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Glad to see your project here as well! And in English! ;) Great fun game that I would absolutely recommend!